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Why Regenerative Therapy Has Become a Popular Dental Treatment Option

Why Regenerative Therapy Has Become a Popular Dental Treatment Option

Regenerative therapy is an innovative approach to dental treatment — and it’s revolutionized the way we approach various oral health conditions. 

Regenerative methods harness the human body's natural healing abilities, and they’re rapidly becoming the preferred options for dentists and patients alike.

If you’re seeking effective, long-lasting dental treatments, regenerative dental therapy offers a promising solution. J. Paul Fuentes, DDS, DABPAndrew Peterson, DMD, MS, and our team at Arcadia Perio specialize in regenerative therapy.

Here’s what you need to know about its recent surge in popularity. 

Understanding regenerative dental therapy

Regenerative therapy uses advanced techniques and materials to stimulate your body's natural healing process. In dentistry, it helps restore damaged tissues like bone and gum to promote better oral health.

Unlike traditional treatment methods that focus on managing symptoms, regenerative therapy addresses the root cause and aims to stimulate true healing — and it’s rapidly growing in popularity in the dental world.

A few popular regenerative dental treatments are:

Guided tissue regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration is an effective treatment option for periodontal disease, a condition that causes gum deterioration and tooth decay. We start by thoroughly cleaning your teeth and jawbone, then reshape your gums.

We place a barrier membrane between your gum tissue and tooth root, preventing the growth of unwanted tissue while promoting the regeneration of periodontal tissues. This technique helps to restore gum health and prevent tooth loss associated with periodontal disease.

Bone grafting

Jawbone loss is a common complication of dental issues like periodontal disease, tooth extraction, and trauma. Bone loss puts you at risk of losing more teeth and declining mouth function, but regenerative therapy helps restore lost bone tissue.

We use bone grafting techniques to rebuild your bone tissue, placing bone graft material along your jaw to stimulate new bone cell growth. Treatment helps provide a stable foundation for dental implants and improves your overall jaw structure.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP is another popular regenerative technique. It involves using a small sample of your own blood. We isolate and concentrate the platelets in your blood, then inject them into specific areas to accelerate healing and tissue regeneration.

We may recommend this method in a variety of oral surgeries, including tooth extractions and dental implant placements. Because the PRP solution contains high amounts of growth factors, treatment promotes faster recovery and reduces your risk of complications.

The benefits of regenerative therapy

Since regenerative therapy stimulates healing, it offers a number of benefits over other dental treatments.

Natural and biocompatible

Most regenerative therapy techniques use your own tissues and blood components. That means it’s a natural treatment option that minimizes the risk of allergic reactions or rejection, and it’s a safe and biocompatible option for many people.

Protects your natural teeth

Because regenerative therapy promotes tissue regeneration and provides support to damaged bone, it offers a chance to save your natural teeth. Bone grafting and other treatments can help restore strength and integrity to natural teeth that would otherwise be at risk of extraction. 

Enhances healing

Regenerative therapy taps into your body's natural healing process. It allows for faster and more efficient recovery, and it can deliver reduced downtime and discomfort following dental procedures.

Delivers long-term results

Traditional dental treatments may provide temporary relief, but often require ongoing maintenance. Regenerative therapy addresses the underlying cause of your dental problem and promotes long-lasting results. 

This reduces the need for frequent interventions and enhances your overall oral health for years to come.

Regenerative therapy has emerged as a popular option for dental treatment, and it’s easy to see why. Its ability to harness your body's innate healing potential and provide long-lasting results make it a flexible option for a variety of dental procedures.

To learn more about regenerative therapy and find out if it’s a good option for you, schedule an appointment at Arcadia Perio. Call our office in Arcadia, California, at 626-600-2009 or book online now.

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