I'm Considering Periodontal Plastic Surgery — What Should I Know?

I'm Considering Periodontal Plastic Surgery — What Should I Know?

The term “plastic surgery” might bring to mind nose jobs, facelifts, and tummy tucks, but did you know it can transform your smile, too?

Periodontal plastic surgery procedures shape your jaw, teeth, and gums to give you a smile you love. Gum health is at the heart of all periodontal care, and the goal of periodontal plastic surgery is to improve the aesthetic — and functional — elements of your smile.

J. Paul Fuentes, DDS, and Andrew Peterson, DMD, along with our team at Arcadia Perio know periodontal surgery. If you’re considering periodontal plastic surgery in Arcadia, California, here’s what you need to know.

Periodontal plastic surgery enhances your smile …

Your mouth plays an important function with each bite you take and every word you speak. Teeth work together with your jaw, gums, and tongue, but a number of different conditions can interfere with your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

Whether it's due to genetics, injury, or decay, your smile might not look the way you want it to. Periodontal plastic surgery includes procedures for teeth and gums, and it can improve conditions like:

Decay and damage can change the way your teeth look. In severe cases, oral health issues like missing teeth can even change the way your face and profile look, but periodontal plastic surgery is designed to improve your smile.

… And it has oral health benefits too

A missing tooth may create an embarrassing gap in your smile, but it can also compromise your jaw health and the strength of nearby teeth. Receding gums can be unsightly, but that disappearing gumline could make your teeth loose or more susceptible to decay.

Many of these aesthetic concerns don’t just affect your confidence; choosing periodontal plastic surgery can also enhance your oral health.

Periodontal surgery can stop damage and support healing from harmful oral diseases like periodontal disease. If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant looks just like a natural tooth, and it helps your mouth function normally again.

Get your customized periodontal plastic surgery plan

If you’re considering periodontal plastic surgery or restoration, choose your provider wisely. Your oral health needs are unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a beautiful smile.

Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson offer personalized periodontal consultations for all our patients. We do a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and talk with you about your smile goals before recommending any treatment. 

We specialize in the latest periodontal technologies at Arcadia Perio, including:

Whether you come in for aesthetic or functional concerns, your treatment plan considers both. We strive to give you a healthier smile that you love to show off. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, we offer periodontal maintenance procedures.

Find out what periodontal plastic surgery could do for your health and your confidence. Schedule a personalized periodontal consultation at Arcadia Perio online or call our office at 626-662-1084.

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